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We Love Work is London’s first values based recruitment agency . We recruit for digital jobs , creative jobs , healthcare jobs , construction jobs , graduate jobs, and apprenticeships.

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Job searching is not just about finding a role that matches your skills and competencies its also about identifying your values and understanding how to match your values to a company with shared values and culture.

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UK's 1st value-based recruitment agency!

What We Do

We recruit by assessing the company’s values and culture and matching them to your own values, skills and competencies to ensure we get you the right match and culture fit.


How We Do It

VABA™ our bespoke values attitudes and beliefs assessment tool.

This results in finding you a great place to work, where you genuinely love what you do! Which gives you increased job satisfaction and a sense of purpose in your role.

V.A.B.A™ Values Attitudes and Beliefs Assessment

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